Our Findings

From what we've brainstormed and researched...

We have identified various reasons as to why an Indian youth sways to delinquent behaviour. Starting from a disintegrated family unit, the neglected state of poor performing students in school, ignorance of law, to lack of business acumen & business mindset – we’ve broken them down to 3 KEY GROUPS OF ISSUES 👇🏻 

The reality of an Indian child from the lower income strata


At pre-school stage…

* More than half the population of Indian children do not attend pre school.
* Most Indian children from the poor background are not exposed to the learning aids.
* The child is growing up with a feeling of inadequacy and psychologically commences life with a low self – esteem.


At primary school stage…

* When the child comes from a particular community and goes to a mixed school, they are made to feel inadequate and incompetent.
* The child lacks the basic stationery for schooling and have no access to extra revision materials like the affluent ones.


At secondary school stage…

* The Indian students are mostly found in the last two classes and nobody pays any attention to them. They have only each other and begin to gang up to create an environment of authoritativeness.


At college going stage…

* It is questionable what percentage of this students go to college. In the Indian paradigm, it is the inherent belief that once they complete Form Five, they have reached the pinnacle of their education.


For a child emerging from this scenario…

• What will his Dream be?
• What will his Mindset be?
• What will his Values in life be?
• What will his Future be?